Our pastry is not only the flakiest you will ever eat but we can also infuse the pastry, whether it be for a savory dish or sweet.

The versatility of the pastry roll is only limited by your imagination.

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Please contact us if you wish to have your filling used in our pastry or to create your own version.
Minimum order quantities apply.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination

  • Haloumi Cheese Filled Rolls In Olive Tapenade¬†Infused Pastry
  • Pepperoni Rolls In Original Pastry
  • Ricotta Cheese Kisses In Olive Tapenade Infused Pastry
  • Ricotta Cheese Kisses In Herb Infused Pastry
  • Plain Pastry Great With A Stew Or Goulash
  • Pancakes Topped With Strawberry Jam, Cream And Icing
  • Pancakes Topped With Carmel And Chocolate Sauce And Walnuts
  • Pancakes Topped With Caramel, And Chocolate Sauce. Maple Syrup, Cream And Crushed Nuts